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Lisa Camerlo ~ Psychic Medium

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I was always different. When I was a young girl my grandmother and aunties would play games with me (or I thought they were games). Handing me heirlooms and asking me for the story of the item, they used things like photos, hair clips, doilies and Zippo lighters. I loved playing that game and the stories I came up with where quite interesting and nothing a little girl should know. Little did I know, they where honing in on my intuitive gifts. As I grew stronger, I noticed my grandmother would have "coffee and card" with different people. She was giving readings. I began playing with cards and learning them helping my friends navigate their challenges. Along my spiritual journey, I have learned and incorporated many different ways to connect with spirit for insight and guidance for all I encounter.

Raven Readings

Each reading is unique to each individual. Due to the connection to my ancestors, my readings are very often visited by loved ones. You can expect direct truth and compassion to life's challenges. Thank you for the Divine connection, it truly has been my honor.


In Person or Phone Option

Through Tarot, we will unveil the story of your journey and I will help guide you through the challenges.

When talking to the Runes we uncover immediate issues that are challenging. We are then able to find tools to navigate and solutions to the questions.

Rune Stones


My palm readings are unconventional as I allow the energy of the lines to communicate with me as well allow your energy to guide me to the life areas that require attention and confirmation. The whole life journey is in our hands. Let's see yours.

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